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Order your pre-order kit for the new pattern of the Guy with the Hook: Morpho Mania. This pattern will be published on Sunday 27th June at an offer price of €1.50/$2.00. If you want to get started right away when this pattern comes out and want to crochet the three mandalas with butterflies that this pattern contains in the exact same way, order your pre-order kit now. In the package you will receive all necessary colors of yarn - with even larger quantities allowing you to make even more mandalas from this pre-order kit. You will also receive a free goodie in your kit: 1 Washi butterfly sticker sheet worth €3.95.

For all information about the pattern and this kit - or to purchase a pre-order kit right away, click here.

Monthly promotion June: You will receive a free Clover Pom-Pom maker which has a value of € 6.00 when purchasing 3 balls of Scheepjes Wanderlust. Scheepjes Wanderlust is a quick changing gradient type of yarn which works perfect for making pom-poms. When ordering 3 balls of Wanderlust, we automatically add a pom-pom maker with your order while packing it. So, you don't have to do anything about it yourself to receive it.
This promotion is valid as long as stocks are available.


Finally the Catona kits are slowly arrival back in stock ! The Solstice crochet kit and the Lotus & Blossom mandala crochet kit are back in stock!

Important ! Did you order a pre-order kit of Vincent's Gift with a coupon code in it ? If you want to order the pattern through here with a coupon code you received within your pre-order kit, add a 1 to the end of the coupon code. The original code will not work due some techinal issues. On Ravelry and Etsy the original code will be valid.

IMPORTANT - When putting physical items to your shopping cart, the lowest shipping price will be shown - which is based on the Netherlands. However, at the checkout when you fill out the form and enter your country of destination - the actual shipping fee will be added finally. Keep this in mind when your shopping cart shows you a shipping price. You can also see the shipping prices at the FAQ which is at the bottom of our shop. Remind that shipping to EU is free for order over €80,00. Free worldwide shipping is available for order over €120,00.

USE OF CREDITCARDS - In the last days we often see failed transactions by credit card purchases. It seems some credit cards are not automatically set on making payments in European countries. You can change the settings in your personal account of your creditcard or bank - put payment zone Europe on and there should be no problem. Keep this in mind when ordering.

*** UPDATE *** - Scheepjes Catona is currently very poorly available from the manufacturer. As a result, there are unfortunately little to no crochet kits available for the mosaic patterns at the moment. As soon as this has been resolved, we ensure that the stock of these packages is restored.


All digital patterns are also for sale via my Ravelry artist page. I also recommend people who use Ravelry purchase the patterns through this forum so that you can safely collect them all in your library to find or reuse the patterns at a later point. Click on the image to go to my Ravelry page.

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Hi! I'm Mark! The Guy with the Hook is the artist name that I use to output my work to the world for some years. I crochet and knit for many, many years now, and since a few years ago, I discovered the talent of designing. In the meantime, I have made several patterns. I have many publications in different magazines. "the Guy with the Hook" is slowly turning into a well-known name in the world of crochet, and with many new things in mind for the future, I hope to enjoy you all some more.

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