Ordering and Shipment details

Ordering and Shipment details:

The ordering process in our store is fairly clear and easy to set up. You search for the product that you want to purchase, make any choices regarding the number or, for example, a color and then place it in the shopping cart. At the top of the website you will find the shopping cart icon on which you click to view your ordered products. Everything to your liking? Then you can also further process the order here. This all goes without saying.

Purchased physical products?

Our store contains both physical and digital products. Physical products are of course shipped. We do this with our regular carrier: Post NL which is the royal shipping service of the Netherlands. We therefore offer standard track and trace on all packages (except letterbox post) so that your order can always be followed. However, we do charge shipping costs for this. These are automatically calculated during the ordering process and depend on the weight, size and quantity of your order. Below you will find an overview of the current shipping rates:
Shipping costs for all European countries (except the Netherlands and Belgium)  
Format and weight Shipping prices
Airmail Envelope € 3,95
Airmail Mailbox package € 8,95
Airmail Package up to 10kgs € 12,95
Airmail Package starting from 10kgs € 12,95
* All prices above are based on current rates. The shipping costs will depend on the size, weight and amount of products you order. All order will be shipped with Priority and Airmail option - and a track and trace code. The above price ranges holds all European countries except the Netherlands and Belgium.

Shipping costs for all countries outside Europe  
Format and weight Shipping prices
Airmail Envelope € 6,95
Airmail Mailbox package € 11,95
Airmail Package up to 10kgs € 29,95
Airmail Package starting from 10kgs € 29,95
* All prices above are based on current rates. The shipping costs will depend on the size, weight and amount of products you order. All order will be shipped with Priority and Airmail option - and a track and trace code. The above price ranges holds all countries outside of Europe.

Free shipping

We offer free shipping on orders for all Europian countries above € 100,00. 
We don't offer any free shipping for worlwide shipping due the recently changed tax rules in the Netherlands.


We aim to dispatch your order within 1-3 business days. We take a little longer to do this because we want to handle your order so carefully and with attention. We rely on our General Terms and Conditions if we deviate from this time indication, as external factors can always play a role. We will therefore always contact you.

Digital products have no delivery time and can be downloaded immediately after purchase.

Pick up order ?

Unfortunately it is not possible to pick up your order. We do not have a physical store with fixed opening hours, which makes this impracticable.

Purchased digital products?

There is no delivery time and no shipping costs for the purchase of a digital product. After a successful transaction you will receive a separate email with a unique download link to download your purchase. This link only works on the IP address on which the download is performed and remains valid for 1 year starting from the date of purchase. For further details regarding purchasing digital products, please refer to the page about this.


You have received your order and are not happy with it? We regret that and we really hope that this will never happen - but of course it is always possible. You therefore have the right to cancel your order within the statutory period. However, there are conditions for returning your order:

- your order is unused (so no items have been tried or arrived).
- your order does not contain any opened packaging (think of sealed, plastic packaging).
- your order has not been subject to influences from your environment (think of extreme odors, heat or, for example, pollution).

Does the above not all apply? Then you can return the order by sending an email to us with the request to return your order. We would also like to hear why you want to return the order. We try to contact you as soon as possible to complete the return process. However, certain conditions also apply here:

- the costs for sending the return are always borne by the consumer - regardless of the chosen transport company.
- the returns must meet the above requirements regarding the condition of the order.
- the purchase amount will be refunded to your account if the return has been received and processed in good condition. You will always receive a message about this.


All digital patterns are also for sale via my Ravelry artist page. I also recommend people who use Ravelry purchase the patterns through this forum so that you can safely collect them all in your library to find or reuse the patterns at a later point. Click on the image to go to my Ravelry page.

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