Kyoto wrap crochet kit + fun goodie !

The Kyoto Wrap is a luxurious, large wrap in which you can wrap yourself completely. But for a completely different purpose, this pattern also serves perfectly as a table runner.

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The Kyoto Wrap is a free pattern developed by Guy with the Hook. In this pattern, you crochet a semi-lace effect wrap that gives an elegant but also colorful look. This package contains all the yarn you need to make the original color scheme shown in the pattern.

The package contains a Scheepjes Whirl Fine Art 658 Classicism and 653 Fauvism which are premium yarn cakes based on 50% merino wool / 25% microfibre and 25% acrylic. The cakes weigh 220 grams with a run length of 460 meters. You will also receive 1 ball of Scheepjes Merino Soft 651 Pissarro to connect the cakes. Merino Soft has the same conditions as the cakes. In addition, you will receive a beautiful goodie - namely a traditional bamboo fan in black and white colors.

This kit does not include a crochet hook, which is required to make the pattern.

The free crochet pattern for the Kyoto Wrap is available on our website or Ravelry.


All digital patterns are also for sale via my Ravelry artist page. I also recommend people who use Ravelry purchase the patterns through this forum so that you can safely collect them all in your library to find or reuse the patterns at a later point. Click on the image to go to my Ravelry page.

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